December 11, 2023

New Traditions: Michaels’ Survey Reveals How Gen Z and Millennials Celebrate the Holidays

From Handmade Gifting and DIY Decor to Modernized Traditions, Michaels Unwraps the Heartbeat of Today’s Traditions

As the holiday season unfolds, Michaels’ proudly stands at the forefront of festive trends, offering a glimpse into the evolving traditions of Gen Z and Millennials. We conducted an in-depth survey to identify how these generations embrace the season and learn more about their favorite ways to decorate, gift, and revel in the joy of the holidays.

This survey is more than a collection of data – it's a journey into the heart of contemporary celebrations, shedding light on the specific trends that are defining these festive moments. Understanding how these influential demographics celebrate is not just a reflection of our evolving culture, but also informs the products and experiences that will resonate with our customers in the spirit of the season for years to come. Continue reading for an summary of our key findings, and for an in-depth exploration of the survey results, click here.