May 4, 2022

Michaels and Unplug Meditation Launch "Mindful Making Creativity Challenge"

Giving 30 Days of Free Access for Mental Health Awareness Month

Crafting creativity challenge with guided meditation video series will debut on May 2nd on Unplug app

Crafting and creativity have long been studied for the mental health benefits they can offer – from improving self-esteem to helping activate reward pathways in the brain. So it’s no surprise that a 2020 survey found 70% of Michaels Makers craft primarily to destress and relax. Michaels predicted 2022 as “the year of Mindful Making,” knowing that the practice of using arts and crafts to find calm would only continue to rise in popularity among Makers.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and to spotlight all of the benefits of making, Michaels has created a Mindful Making Creativity Challenge in partnership with Unplug Meditation, a meditation app where you can destress and focus on yourself. The challenge is a series of three videos featuring guided meditation through beginner-friendly mindful making projects to inspire you to find a sense of calm and create something beautiful. Join the challenge via the Unplug app or by following along on Michaels social channels, where the videos will be released once a week.

To ensure everyone can access the benefits of mindful making, Michaels and Unplug are offering a free one-month subscription to Unplug with code “MICHAELS30” and using the following link:

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen so many Makers adopt the practice of ‘mindful making,’ and expect it to continue! In fact, in one survey of our Makers, 2/3 said that relaxation and escape were their primary reason for crafting. Pairing arts & crafts with guided meditation helps us be more present and aware of our creativity while enjoying the process of making to the fullest,” says Andrea Manning, Trend & Design lead at Michaels.

To learn more about the benefits of crafting, which crafts to try, and more, check out the quick facts about Mindful Making below!

Michaels and Unplug Meditation Launch Mindful Making Creativity Challenge