November 20, 2023

Michaels Unveils Exclusive Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Baking and DIY Craft Collection for the Holidays

The Perfect Gifts Starting at Just $9.99!

Michaels, your holiday headquarters for everything to create anything, is proud to present an exclusive Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe collection that's as adorable as it gets. Whether you're in search of a dazzling DIY jewelry kit or eye-catching pink bakeware, we've curated a delightful array of gifts for every Hello Kitty enthusiast on your list this season – with gifts starting at an affordable $9.99!

 Not only is Michaels your one-stop-shop for elevating your holiday décor, upping your gift-wrapping game, getting festive in the kitchen, and hosting unforgettable holiday gatherings  – it’s also the perfect place to fulfill all your gifting needs with thousands of awe-worthy items. This holiday season, we're taking our gift offerings to new heights with this super cute Hello Kitty partnership. Read on to explore our curated list and find the ultimate gift for your Hello Kitty loving bestie, relative, or treat yourself to something special!  

For the Glam Lover:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Sparkling Nail Art Kit | Michaels ($9.99)
Elevate your glamour game with this nail art kit. Packed with Hello Kitty charm, it's perfect for the one who loves a touch of sparkle and a pop of cuteness in their beauty routine.

For the Baker:
Handstand Kitchen Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Mini Cake Making Set | Michaels (29.99) Unleash the baker within with this mini cake making set. Perfect for those who enjoy creating delicious treats with a dash of Hello Kitty sweetness.

For the One with A Sweet Tooth:
Hello Kitty® Cafe Icon Sprinkle Mix, 2.5oz. | Michaels ($4.99)
Indulge their sweet cravings with this iconic sprinkle mix. Ideal for the Hello Kitty enthusiast with a penchant for adding a dash of sweetness to every treat.

For the Mindful One:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Sketchbook Set | Michaels ($9.99)
Encourage mindfulness and creativity with this sketchbook set. A perfect gift for those who appreciate the soothing process of putting pen to paper.

For the Décor Obsessed:  
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe DIY Disco Décor Kit | Michaels ($9.99)
Add a touch of whimsy to their space with this DIY disco décor kit. Ideal for the home décor enthusiast who loves to infuse personality into their surroundings.

For the Painter:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Paint Your Own Kuromi™ Ceramic Figurine Kit | Michaels ($9.99)
Unlock the artist within with this paint-your-own ceramic figurine kit. Perfect for those who find joy in expressing their creativity on a blank canvas.

For the Jewelry Lover:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Jewelry Designer Kit | Michaels ($9.99)
Craft unique and charming jewelry with this designer kit. An ideal gift for the jewelry lover who enjoys adding a personal touch to their accessories.


For the Planner:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Personalized Planner | Michaels ($9.99)
Elevate the planning experience with this personalized planner. Perfect for the organized soul who appreciates functionality with a touch of Hello Kitty style.


For the One Who Just Moved:
Handstand Kitchen Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Mixing Bowl | Michaels ($16.99)
Handstand Kitchen Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe Measuring Cup Set | Michaels ($14.99)
Welcome them to their new space with charming kitchen essentials. Ideal for the one who just moved and is ready to infuse Hello Kitty charm into their kitchen.

For the Coffee Lover:
Hello Kitty® and Friends Cafe DIY Tumbler | Michaels ($9.99)
Hello Kitty® and Friends Paint Your Own Mug Kit | Michaels ($9.99)

Enhance their coffee experience with these DIY tumbler and mug kits. Whether they prefer hot or iced coffee, these gifts are perfect for the caffeine lover who enjoys sipping in style with a touch of Hello Kitty flair.